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Welcome to my author website. Here I'll give myself a quick introduction and how I became a writer and self published author

I have always been interested in fiction, from 'scary' stories as a child, to captivating films and over the top video game characters as an adult. I have created flash animations and been an avid drawer since a young age, but most of all I have always enjoyed creating worlds and characters for story telling.

Coming from North Wales, in the United Kingdom, I have been fortunate enough to grow up around the natural beauty of the Snowdonia Mountain Range, sandy beaches and tranquil settngs. Ironically, the peace never enabled me to focus on my ambitions and aspirations any more than living in a hectic environment. It is only recently that I have seriously focused on writing, and hope that one day I will be able to put all my creations on the bookshelf.

I hope that you find enjoyment in my writing, and in my novels; the most recent of which is Beyond Orbit, which follows two friends on a journey across the cosmos, as they try to answer the question of who or what destroyed their home.

Thank you for your interest,

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Elliott Pemberton

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